How To Use TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5

Setup Guide
(Assuming you've already created a free TradingView profile and signed up with us.

1.) From TradingView, select your ticker of choice. (Works on Mobile as well)

2.) Once you've chosen a ticker, select "Full-featured chart".

3.) Next, select the candlestick settings and make sure to change it to 'Heikin Ashi'.

4.) Add TradeMagna™ Timing Algo V2.5 to your chart from your 'invite-only scripts' under 'indicators & strategies' (ƒ✕ symbol)

5.) You can now select any timeframe for any ticker with TradeMagna™ Timing Algo V2.5.

6.) You can also go into our settings and use these toggles:

Signals Terminology

Signals Tags:

“Strong” (Green) = Strong Buy, high likelihood of bullish trend intact, look to get into a long position.

“Strong” (Red) = Strong Sell, high likelihood of bearish trend intact, look to get into a short position.

“Buy” = Possible trend reversal but not 100% confirmed until a Strong Buy. Take profit on short positions and wait for another strong signal to trigger. (Purple candles active) .

“Sell” = Possible trend reversal but not confirmed until a Strong Sell. Take profit on long positions and wait for another strong signal to trigger. (Purple candles active).

Candle Coloring:

“Green candles” = Strong buy active.

“Red candles” = Strong sell active.

“Purple candles” = Take profit, wait for the next signal to trigger, or exercise caution in your current position.

“Gray Candles” = Indecision, an early entry is presenting itself or the trend is changing.

Note: You do not have to follow this exact terminology, if you see a sell signal and based on your analysis believe it is a good opportunity to enter short, go right ahead. If you just made life-changing money through a strong buy signal, it's probably best you don't wait for a sell signal to take profit. It's important to understand this is overall a tool and you can use it however you find it best. Our signals are not meant to be taken blindly.
Adjusting Settings

The TradeMagna Timing V2.5 input settings are described below:

Sensitivity: can be adjusted for reducing noise and decreasing or increasing the amount of signals per your chart. The higher the sensitivity the less signals appear. Best to adjust this first.

Smoothing: increases/decreases the significance of more recent data so the newer candles will have more impact on the signals than older candles. Best to adjust once Sensitivity optimized.

With all of our settings as listed above, users have a much greater ability to fine-tune their settings per each market and for different timeframes.

Default & suggested settings for Every Market (Sensitivity = 2, Smoothing = 10) - These settings have been decided by our team as the closest to a one-size fits all for every market but it is smart to adjust settings accordingly how you find them performing the best for your own trading style.

To adjust settings, do the following on your chart:

Although we provide suggested settings by default, there are no "best settings" that we can mention because trading is very personal per asset and timeframe. It is smart to adjust the settings per the assets & timeframes you trade. Let us know in Discord or at if you have any questions!
Trend Band

As a part of our 2.1 update, we added a toggle for our Trend Band which is an option for users to trade with extra confirmation, avoid false signals, and have a better understanding of the market whether trending or ranging. It can be turned on in the settings of TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5.

Using The Trend Band

Taking inspiration from Ichimoku with our own calculations, the Trend Band displays the presence of any market with more dynamic reversals and a precise representation of the market's equilibrium.

Rules & Techniques:

When enabled:

- If price holds above the band, market is considered bullish and strong buys (green candles) are able to activate. - If price holds below the band, market is considered bearish and strong sells (red candles) are able to activate.

- If price holds inside the band, market is considered indecisive and gray candles activate. Depending on how price reacts to the band it could be either an early entry being presented or a trend shift in the market too.

- If equalizer band is becoming thin, it means either the recent trend is potentially coming to an end, the market is moving sideways, or it means there is a strong likelihood of upcoming volatility.

- If equalizer band is growing in width, it means the trend is becoming stronger (bullish or bearish)

- If equalizer band is actively twisting multiple times, market is considered ranging and violent moves can happen in either direction until price holds cleanly above / below the band or until it establishes support or resistance on it.

- If price extends very far away from the band and an opposing signal to the trend appears, depending on the exhaustion of the trend / divergences it could be smart to trade it with a target of price revisiting the band.

- In the rare case a signal activates while price is still within the band, you can take it but with caution considering it's still indecisive and candles are gray.

Example 1

Sell signals called for a move back to the trend band which proved to be a buying opportunity when it held as support. Confirmation was given with Strong Buy signals and especially when price held cleanly above the band which led to a 30% move up.

Example 2

A 40% price increase within 1-2 days led many people and indicators into getting bullish, however with our trend band and gray candles, it was nothing but a bearish retest.

Example 3

Works on every market and all timeframes, read more here.

TradeMagna™ Noise Removal
TradeMagna™ Noise Removal comes complementary with your subscription to TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5. It can also be found in your Invite-Only Scripts after purchasing.

What this does?

simply, traders always hoped for a way to clear out the messy charts into a more directional and smoother chart, so they can follow even with naked eye!

Please look at these messy chart:

TradeMagna™ Noise Removal

Our indicator turned the messy chart into more clearer chart with directional candles which is super easy to follow and you can trade successfully with naked eye!

TradeMagna™ Timing combined with Noise Removal

Trend Oscillator

Trend Oscillator comes complementary with your subscription to TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5. It can also be found in your Invite-Only Scripts after purchasing.

How To Use Trend Oscillator

-TrendMagna Trend Oscillator consist of two oscillators, it uses crosses to detect trend reversals.A red fill indicates a bear trend whereas a blue fill suggests a bullish trend.
- If the two oscillators isn't synchronized (both are above zero or both below zero), it would be a highly indication of price retracement as shown above.
- This combines the earliness of a stochastic whilst using the accuracy of moving averages.
- You can increase the "Length" in the input settings if you wish to adjust to your required asset and timeframe.
- This value can be changed large amounts whilst not sacrificing accuracy or adding delays which is something we are very proud of. -

You can trade divergences greatly using this indicator

Using Trend Oscillator in confluence with TradeMagna Timing V2.5 signals

To understand divergences as shown in the image above, use this cheat sheet.

Spotting divergences with Trend Oscillator allows you to take some normal signals more seriously as potential trend reversals or opportunities for larger moves rather than just areas to take profit.
The oscillator overall provides users with more confluence and opportunities to spot reversals before they happen and our signals can be used as great directional confirmation with those plays.

TradeMagna Volatility

TradeMagna Volatility comes complementary with your subscription TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5 and can also be found within your invite-only scripts.

TradeMagna Volatility

This indicator measures the volatility levels of any given market from 0-100%. It's useful for spotting low volatility zones where it's likely smart to avoid trading and be aware that a big impulse move is likely in the near future.
Alongside our TradeMagna timing V2.5 signals, TradeMagna Volatility provides great confluence for when to fully trust an impulse move to occur as well as spotting extremes in the market where impulse moves are likely to end.
When volatility holds cleanly between the two zones 25% and 75% it is a good sign the trend has more room left to go and the move isn't finished just quite yet.


Volatility low = Market is in a sideways state and a bigger impulse move is likely beginning to form.
Volatility high = Current impulse move is likely beginning to get exhausted.
Volatility normal = The current move likely has more room to continue.

This isn't an oscillator to be used at all times, it's an additional tool which can help you avoid dangerous areas in the market where the best move is to either get out or consider switching to a different timeframe. Typically when volatility is very low on the higher timeframes, it's a good indication that the lower timeframes are going to perform better.
ُEntries & Risk Management

A Strategy for Entries on Signals

You should know from our Signal Terminology that it's best to look for entries after Strong Buy or Strong Sell signals while normal signals are usually for taking profit or getting "flat" while waiting for a new Strong signal to appear.
Taking positions blindly or without any risk management is strongly discouraged with our system. Below is a simple strategy for increasing your probability of entering profitable trades and avoiding false signals.

Since our signals are confirmed on the candle close, a strategy that can increase your probability of being on the right side of the trade is placing a limit buy above the high of a Strong buy signal.

As well as placing a limit sell below a Strong Sell signal as seen above ^
By following this systematic approach to entries, you can avoid bad entries, increase your probability of entering profitable trades, and overall trade with much more discipline. You can place these limit buy or sell orders on most exchanges / brokers across every global market.

Risk Management

Proper risk management plays a very important role for traders to be consistently profitable in the market. It's very important to take this seriously and apply it accordingly with or without our system.

Using a Stop Loss

A stop loss is your invalidation price of a trade. If price reaches a certain point, you would consider the trade invalid. We highly warns you against trading without a stoploss!

Position Sizing

By rule of thumb, you should only risk 1-3% of your account size maximum with each trade you take. By following this strictly, you increase your odds of being consistently profitable in the market.
To learn how to find your position size, read this article here: How To Reduce Risk With Optimal Position Size

TradeMagna overall if used with proper risk management is a reliable, unique, and profitable strategy that you can implement as your very own trading system or just as an additional tool in your technical analysis.

Automated Market Scanners

The scanners are found in our Discord server and are only visible once you've signed up for TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5.

We have thousands of TradeMagna Algorithms V2 signals setup from every major market in the server so you don't have to go through the headache of setting up all the alerts yourself on TradingView directly.

You can also setup mobile push notifications in our Discord server for these alerts.

If you can't see these scanners in our Discord and you've already purchased, email with your order number and Discord username and our team will grant you access immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

What markets & timeframes does this work with?

TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5 works on any market internationally including stocks, indicies, forex, crypto, futures and commodities on all timeframes including 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, etc.

Ideally it should be used for trading on the 1H+ timeframe but you can find success in scalping on lower timeframes especially when adjusting the 'sensitivity' setting a little higher and toggling on the equalizer band in our input settings.

How accurate are the signals?

We don't provide back-testing data or a specific % for it's accuracy since TradeMagna was designed as a trading system with many different factors to consider with our signals.

No bot or human can have a 100% hit rate in the markets. Our signals are meant to help traders hold winning positions and find good areas to take profit.

Some use our signals just for directional confirmation & for checking their bias on the market, others strictly follow them and find success.

Is this friendly for noobs?

You don't need much experience to understand the signals provided by TradeMagna.

However, trading can be difficult and can take time to learn regardless of our signals on your charts. If you're new to trading / technical analysis in general, we recommend paper-trading at first using our standard signals until you get more familiar with how it all works.

There is no magic bot that can immediately make you money on auto-pilot. Our signals can help you develop a directional bias on multiple timeframes and get you to take profit / wait out of trades which most other indicators can’t exactly communicate.

Will it trade for me automatically?

No, you are in full control of your trades. TradeMagna was built to be used as a standalone trading system or just as an additional tool within your own technical analysis.

How to I setup alerts on TradingView?

We have thousands of automated alerts scanning every market 24/7 within our Discord server so you don't have to setup many alerts.

If you wish to set up your own alerts on TradingView, click alerts on the right under your watchlist and make sure to use "Once per bar close".

Can I use TradeMagna algorithms on MetaTrader or Thinkorswim?

Our product works on TradingView (free web-based charting platform) and you can trade anywhere based on those charts, you won't be able to directly see TradeMagna on MT4 or Thinkorswim charts.

Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use it?

You don't need to upgrade TradingView, our product works with 100% functionality on the basic plan of TradingView (free). You can sign up for free here.

Does it repaint?

Our signals do not repaint and appear in real time. A common misconception about Heikin Ashi candles is that they repaint, however this is not true.

**Repainting is where signals change based on data in the future to make them appear better than they really are.

See our non-repaint signals live (24/7) here

Why Heikin-Ashi?

TradingMagna Algo V2.5 can work with normal candles, however, we recommend you to use Heikin Ashi candles to filter as much noise as possible with an improved ability to capture trends.

Although they are near the same, HA candles do not show the exact price by default. You can view the exact price of any ticker by applying the following setting:

The calculations for Heikin Ashi candles:

Open = (open of previous bar + close of previous bar)/2

Close = (open + high + low + close)/4

High = the maximum value from the high, open, or close of the current period

Low = the minimum value from the low, open, or close of the current period.

For entering trades smarter with our system please look at Entries & Risk Management section.
What makes TradeMagna different?

The terminology of our signals go much deeper than just "buy + sell" and are advanced enough to be used as a complete trading system in itself.

Most signal products you can find only have buy & sell signals and are less accurate than TradeMagna Algorithms V2.5.

Without our advanced signals, you may be led into getting overly bearish or bullish at the wrong times.
Also TradeMagna algorithms never conflict each other and that's something we're proud of.

We also include a wide variety of toggle options to add extra confluence using our signals such as our Trend Band, Gray Candles for indecisive price action, TradeMagna Oscillator + Volatility, and a set of rules to follow with all of these toggles which makes TradeMagna a complete trading system.

Below are some examples of typical scripts you can find for spotting trends compared to TradeMagna V2 Even some of the most popular scripts tend to be delayed, overfitted, repainting, or simply unprofitable.
A typical MA crossover script:
Typical trend based buy / sell signals

Compared to TradeMagna Algo V2

Any decent algorithm can give similar signals because any accurate signal will be alike, however, most are less likely to give similar results in trading because without our strong signals & set rules, you’re more than likely to get overly bullish or bearish at the wrong times, get chopped up at indecisive points in the market, and take any inaccurate signals blindly.

It's also important to note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results with any trading product or strategy. You should know that regardless of how accurate our signals are, there is no magical bot or system that can guarantee your success. It's up to the trader / analyst to be successful.

When is a signal confirmed?

A signal is confirmed only once the candle is closed. Meaning a signal could appear on your chart but is not confirmed until that candle is closed and the next candle has started.

Our automated Discord bots will never notify you on any signal until the candle has closed and confirmed it. If you're adding alerts for Magna signals in TradingView - make sure to select "Once per bar close".

how do you prevent overfitting?

To prevent overfitting we test our algorithm across a massive range of assets and timeframes to ensure maximum and optimal performance. We also allow the user to tune the algorithm to their desired settings to prevent this.

Can I see everything in real-time data?

TradingView supports real-time data for the majority of tickers you can find on the platform. Only a small portion of them (mostly futures contracts) require a small monthly fee to access real time data.

Why is the Study-Not-Auth error message appearing?

If you've already been given access to TradeMagna Algo V2 after purchasing and you're seeing this alert, refresh your browser and make sure you're logged in on the TradingView profile you gave us.

If you have not signed up with us, you'll see this alert when trying to add our script to your chart. You can sign up here:

Why can't I see the trend band?

You either do not have it toggled or since you're using a black background the trend band is too dark.

Adjust these settings to see the trend band:

How do I update my scripts?

To receive the updates we put out for our scripts in TradeMagna Algo V2, first refresh your browser and remove them from your chart and add them back again.

If this doesn't work try this:
- Remove TradeMagna Algo V2 from your chart
- Refresh your browser/app by closing it out & restarting
- Then remove/re-add TradeMagna Algo V2 back to your chart and save your chart layout on TradingView.

You'll know you have the new TradeMagna Algo V2 script by seeing (TradeMagna™ Algo v2.5) on your chart as pictured above. or ask in #vip-support if all of this doesn't work and our team will ensure your scripts are updated.

Orders FAQ

Is there a free trial?

Sorry, we don't currently offer any free trials. You can view a live-demonstration of our basic signal functionalities here: 24/7 Live Stream

what is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account on our site or by reaching out to Once your subscription has been cancelled, you will have access for the rest of your month or interval of the plan you purchased and you will not be charged again.


Will the price of my subscription ever change?

No, the price you signed up for is the price you will keep forever as long as you stay signed up. We will never change the price of your subscription. All members are grandfathered in to the price they first signed up at regardless of any price increases we do in the future.

Can I upgrade to a quarterly or yearly subscription?

You can upgrade your monthly subscription at anytime during your subscription by purchasing one of our special offers here: Special Offers .

Once purchased, we ensure your monthly subscription is cancelled for you and add on the remaining amount of time left to your new plan.

How long does it take to get access after purchasing?

After signing up, please allow us around 8 hours to grant you access to TradeMagna Algo V2 on TradingView. It's a manual process by our team. Although, typically during the day, (EST) full access is granted much quicker and you'll receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

If you provided your Discord username during checkout (optional) you'll receive the VIP role at the same time. If you still need access to our VIP Discord alerts after signing up, send an email to with your order number and Discord username and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.

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